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FLYSURFER TEAM – kitesurfing

Sebastian Bubmann

 sebastianBirthday: 03.11.1987

Hometown: Flensburg/Germany

Kiting since: 2001

Home page: http://www.sebastianbubmann.com/

Why do you like FLYSURFER?

When I was a kid I was riding the Wipika Airblast. During a competition in 2002 I got to try the PSYCHO1 and I was amazed by the hangtime this kite had ... since that point of time I am part of the FLYSURFER - team and I am happy to see the kites moving in the right direction, compared to the development of our tricks. From huge hangtime to good bar - feedback, turning speed and a lot of "Popp" for loaded tricks!





Dylan van der Meij




FLYSURFER TEAM – landkiting

Yusca Balogh


Birthday: 22-05-88

Hometown: Hellensvill, (New Zealand)

Lives where? Deventer, The Netherlands

Height: 1.74m

Why do you like FLYSURFER?
I like the kites because you can just use them everywhere, on the sea and lakes or up in the mountains on the snow, they are perfect for my local inland spots where I live in the Netherlands.


Lennart van Schuilenburg


Birthday: 21-01-91

Hometown: Deventer

Home page:  http://www.lennartvanschuilenburg.com/

Height: 1.80m

Why do you like FLYSURFER?

I've been with FLYSURFER since the beginning. The PSYCHO2 has really impressive pop and lift. Then I started Landboarding, because of the awesome hangtime. Since the development of the PSYCHO3, my focus has changed to freestyle. It's always fun to meet up with the other team members and go Kiting!


Emmanuel Norman


Birthday: 12.05.1992

Hometown: Kiel (germany)

Home page: http://www.emmanuelnorman.de/

Height: 1.86m

Why do you like FLYSURFER?

The same kites on land & water > no change > no compromises!



Gunnar "Chinatown" Biniasch


Birthday: 15/02/1978

Hometown: Fuerteventura, Canary Island

Height: 184cm

Home page:  www.arc-kite.com

Why do you like FLYSURFER?
For my style of riding there are simply no better kites than the Speed 3. Flysurfer is the only brand that makes proper High AR Performance kites. I also am lazy and don't like to pump.

Luke Southern



Birthday: 9/11/72

Hometown: Sydney Australia

Height: 1.80m

Why do you like FLYSURFER?

First time I flew a Flysurfer, I went higher and more technical than I had been on any other brand. I bought my first one the very next day. Enthusiastic supportive team at HQ, innovative design.